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Academic Private Home Tutoring for Redding, Easton, Newton, Weston, Ridgefield and Danbury k-12, college students and adults!


Tutoring Services, LLC help students in Fairfield County CT at various gradel levels such as: k-12,  elementary, middle school, high school to get better school grades  for variety of Academic subjects such as: Math, Sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, English, Reading and Writing.   Our professional pre-screened, interviewed and verified Academic subject matter experts can provide Tutoring Services directly at your home in Redding Connecticut or any of the following areas of, Weston,Newtown, Easton, Danbury or, Monroe, Ridgefield CT or other regions of Fairfield, Westchester or even New Haven County.  



Cool Facts about Redding CT

That Mark Twain extremely famous author used to live in Redding CT and did you know that there is a Mark Twain Library that has many artificats and book volumes that Mark Twain wrote? 



Why Tutoring Services, LLC

The BEST Tutors – Our rigorous recruiting match making process ensures that we have the best and reliable tutor in Fairfield County CTOur tutors are either certified teachers for the state of CT, former valedictorians, college subject matter experts, PHD professors, and even Authors. 

The Most Effective Matching Process – No need for you to scroll through dozens of potentially unqualified tutor profiles. Our experienced staff will match you with the tutor who will be the perfect fit for your child’s unique needs.  However, for parents/guardians of Redding CT who do prefer to pick their own tutor without agency's help then don't hesitate to simply browse our tutors profiles from this very same site. 

       Alternatively if you can't find any of the tutors on this site simply contact us from the phone number on top right corner and we can help you find the right tutor based on your budget. In which case we will use our propriatory network of local Tutoring Sites to post multiple tutoring jobs in different regions of CT letting tutors know that we have a specific student who needs tutoring help.  To view our network of local tutoring sites in Fairfield County CT and about our company don't hesitate to click this link.  



Looking for Accounting CPA tutor in CT or perhaps study guide?



Search for local tutors, in Fairfield County CT, who can help you prepare for your accounting exam.  Improve your CPA score, get your certification, view discount coupons, and saving opportunities, view reviews, study guides, test preparation resources, study paths, lessons learned and much more from our local Fairfield County sister tutoring site.  Tutoring Services, LLC helps redding students preparing to become CPA accountants become certified.  We can help you get matched with the local subject matter expert in CPA exam.  View accounting Test prep materials and local CT tutors here.


 Pricing for our Tutoring match making services

         However working with our Tutoring Services, LLC agency to help you get matched with the right tutor, does cost money, but not a lot just enough to help us sustain our network of local tutoring sites.  Tutor's price and agency's fee is all included in tutor's price to make it easier for the Redding CT parent/guardian to see if the tutor who we help get matched with makes financial sense or not.  Paying money for our match making services also gives Fairfield County parents peace of mind that the person who is going to show up at their home is adequate and not some criminal from Craiglist site, additionally parent can call and talk to real life agent, to discuss match making need where agent can assist match making student with the student based on custom match making need.


Background checks on Tutors are important

       We do background checks on our tutors in fact we are so serious about online background checks procedures that we have our own dedicated site just for that, and carefully interview our tutors and make sure that our tutors are professional subject matter experts before we send them to your home.  Many other home tutoring companies simply have tons of tutors who either

  1. Criminals that shouldn't be working with children.
  2. Tutors who are not adequate.
  3. Tutors who do not have high incentive to teach your son or daughter

For Item number 3, you may ask how is that possible that other companies out there simply do not have tutors who are interested in providing high quality tutoring services for your son or daughter?  Here are the reasons. 

Other Home Tutoring Agencies overcharge parents in CT

Reason #1.  Other Home Tutoring Agencies simply Fail to provide adequate payment to their tutors and mostly focus on overcharging Redding CT Residents with exteremely expensive recurring tutoring agency comission fees, resulting in agency keeping  60% of the money student is charged and giving tutor less then 40%!  In another words, if student pays for tutor $100 agency keeps $60 while tutor gets paid $40 from every hour.   But wait that's not all!  Learning Centers are even worse!  They place your children in one room with 3 to 5 other kids, giving the least amount of individualized attention, then give their tutors 20% while keeping 80% for themselves from each student!  What that means is, not only does your son or daughter not getting individualized attention, but in addition to that Redding CT parent is getting getting overchaged by 80% for each tutoring session!    Therefore, tutors who work for other home tutoring agencies  or learning centers do not have much incentive to provide high quality tutoring servcies, simply because they do not get paid enough, due to agency keeping most of the money.

Other Home Tutoring Agencies spend too much money on marketing

Reason #2. Other Tutoring Agencies do not have local tutoring network of websites, resulting in other tutoring agencies spending more money on marketing expenses, and raising prices on tutoring agency fees.  With propriatory network of local home tutoring sites in Easton, Redding, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Weston, Danbury and other areas our company is able to reduce marketing expenses.

Other Home Tutoring Agencies do not provide enough student leads to tutors.

Reason #3.  Other Tutoring companies simply fail to provide student leads to their tutors, primary reason for that is Economics 101.  Tutors need to have high enough incentive wanting to provide high quality tutoring services, and wanting to work.   Many agencies do not understand that concept and simply end up creating one single site, across multiple geographical regions without major emphasis on demographic marketing, resulting in less supply of student leads for tutors, and resulting in tutors simply not getting enough students, and not being interested in enough to provide high quality services due to suck lack of leads.  

       With our propratory network of local home tutoring sites in Fairfield and Westchseter and New Haven counties marketing and the fact that tutors who we hire must go through rigorous enrollment process prior to joining Tutoring Services, LLC company as independent contractor, we are able to maintain lower number of high quality tutors, yet simultaneously being able to provide higher number of student leads to our tutors resulting in our tutors having higher level of incentive then any other home tutoring agency in CT or NY can provide.


How Tutoring Services, LLC provides to tutors better incentives then any other agency in Fairfield County CT

        Our tutoring agency fee is much lower then any other home tutoring agency in Fairfield County CT, 30% from tutor's hourly rate for each hour tutored if no tutoring discount package is purchased and 25% from tutor's hourly rate if Tutoring Discount package gets purchased.  Plus that fee gets even lower, since our tutors get raises also based on the number of hours they tutor.   Example if tutor charges $60 per hour and Redding CT parent did not purchase tutoring discount package, then the amount parent must pay is equals to $78 per hour.  

If Parent purchases tutoring discount package, for example where tutor gives discount from every hour of for example 10% discount from tutor's hourly rate, therefore if parent buys 10 hours, then our agency would give 5% off incentive from tutor's hourly rate, plus tutor would also give 10% off from his/her hourly rate resulting in much lower amount per hour with the amount beign $67.5 per hour.   This number can get even lower depending on which tutoring discount package parent buys.

        The good part about this is that Tutoring Services, LLC gives flexibility for our tutors to create their own tutoring discount packages, hence when comparing tutors side by side, be sure to review their tutoring discount packages that they offer, or simply let our agency know over the phone what your budget is and we can help you find professional tutor within your budget.    The intercombination of the fact that our agency fees are much lower then any other tutoring company in CT and NY and the fact that our tutors provide flexible tutoring discount packages ends up giving our tutors overall higher incentive to provide top quality academic test prep and tutoring services for their money.



Why getting tutor from one of these sites with 1000s of tutors is not a good idea.

Reason #1.  Many other home tutoring companies do not interview their tutors rigorously, and simply let them register on a single site, parent must do all the work and pre-screen such tutors themselves.  Clearly this takes time and clearly in many cases when there are 1000s of tutors it may be very confusing to get the right candidate for parent's specific use case.   Plus

       If you prefer not to have custom match making support and do not want to talk to an agenct on the phone to help you find the righ tutor, then alternatively visit our sister site where there are many local and online home tutoring experts, however tutors on our sister site are not managed by our Tutoring Services, LLC agency, there is no phone support or customized tutoring match making for parents who have unique use case scenario such as needing a tutor in multiple subjects, at different grade levels or perhaps multiple tutors, but not exceeding specific budget.   Plus these tutors are not pre-screened by our agency.  If you changed your mind and do prefer to have our agency help you then don't hesitate to contact us from the phone number at the top right corner to let us help you find your tutor in Redding, Monroe, Easton, Newtown, Weston, Ridgefield or Danbury CT.

Overall Benefits of Hiring Local Subject Matter Expert in Fairfield County CT

         Have you ever considered hiring a professional tutor in Fairfield County CT? Some students, and even parents, think that hiring a tutor is just an additional expense. This kind of view towards tutoring services can be misleading, especially in early k-12 grade level stages of student's academic life  Instead of worrying about the price, Fairfield County parents should reflect on the benefits of having a the right type of tutor to help their son or daughter academically.  Individualized attention for middle school, and high school students can help students improve their study skills, get better grades in school and do well on homework.  Improvements on academic performances and more positive outlooks have been seen on students who have received high quality tutoring services. The moment you find a good tutor you can rely on your child’s academic success.

          There are times when students struggle a lot in class due to not being confident enough in their answers or simply may not be paying attention to what teachers are lecturing.  It can be quiet boring atmospher for k-12 students especially if they are academically behind other students in their class room.   It doesn't have to be that way, your son or daughter can have more enthusiastic academic experience in elementary, middle, or high school.  With the private local home tutor you can rely on professional tutor's expertise to help your son or daughter understand academic concepts with great level of skill set that would make your son/daughter want to respond to teacher's questions in class room and would make learning atmosphere more fun.  

          Many schools in Fairfield County CT simply not adequate enough for your child's academic success, this is partially due to extensive demands from Farifield County Parents and state laws placing lots of     pressures on teachers to produce results without adequate funding, causing student to teacher ratio not favorable for student's academic progress.  With the help of Tutoring Services, LLC we can help CT schools turn academic progress around, especially for parents who want higher effectiviness from their school teachers, yet not able to receive that level of effectiviness.  Note it's not enough to simply hire any other local home tutoring agency in CT, it must be the right type of home Tutoring Agency.  The type of agency who can help Redding CT and Fairfield County residents get matched with the right type of tutor who can tailor his/her academic set of professional expertise towards improvement of your son's or daughter's school grades.   

There are multiple methods of CT parents of chosing private home tutors. 

Method 1.  Go to any tutoring website there are many of them, read reviews of tutors and contact them. However before you do read this.


     This method is great, however keep in mind that many websties do charge parents money just to be able to exchange personal contact info with the tutors, and also keep in mind that tutors who you find typically have fake reviews, written by tutors themselves in many cases.  

Suggested TIP #1:  See if spending money to get tutor's info is woth it.

        When viewing such sites, see how much you would have to pay to contact tutors and what benefit you (parent/student/guardian) would get out of this.  Some sites such as for example gives options for tutors to provide first 1 hour lesson to students for only $15!  Hence when contacting tutors on that site at least parent would know that they are not just paying money just to contact the tutor, instead they are paying money to get the first lesson for $15 only and not having to pay any tutoring agency recurring comission fees from every hour.

Suggested TIP #2: Go Beyond Reviews

           When viewing such tutoring sites see if tutor reviews look like they are real and written by actual people, or if they look fake, go beyond reviews, look if tutor has introductory video of him/her self where he/she explains in more details about him/herself rather then just looking at reviews, this can give better levels of indications about the tutor's overall personality traits and what to expect.   If you see that tutor's profile is simply too empty or not adequate enough for you to make your decision, then see if the agency has a local phone number (with 203 area code for example) where you can call and talk to the tutoring agent to clarify any additional information that you may have about specific tutor.   

        Additionally see if tutor provides any information about his/her tutoring services for specific subject based on grade level or skill level, typically tutors who do talk about how different they are from other tutors in specific subject and corresponding grade level are more likely in being actual subject matter expert and also be more passionate/effective when providing their tutoring services for your son or daughter in Fairfield County CT.

        Great website for spotting tutors with introductory videos, handpicked by Tutoring Agency, reviewed and interviewed by the agency based on rigorous enrollment requirements is this very same site you are looking at or alternatively you can visit (our central hub site where agency managed tutors are registered).  Tutors on that site show not only intro videos of themselves in many cases (take a look at example of our Fairfield County breakdancing tutors for example), but also create practice tests to demonstrate their level of eductional expertise, as well as showing other video tutorials on from events they have done in the past or simply showing their tutoring expertise over video. 

Breakdancing Private lessons in Redding CT



        Plus many tutors also provide level of differentation about themselves based on grade level and subject, making it much easier to see who is really passionate tutor and most likely subject matter expert in their subject and grade level and who is not.   So the main theme of this suggested tip is that Fairfield County CT parents must look beyond reviews, and look at many other factors.


Method 2.  Go to reputable site that have babysitters and tutors registered on one site and try to kill 2 brids with one stone by getting single person who is both tutor and babysitter.  However before you do read this.


     This method is great for elementary level students, however keep in mind most of such sites do not provide professional tutors, and mostly provide au-pairs or babysitters that have little to no academic match making experience, hence if you are looking more for a babysitter then definitely get babysitter instead from any of such sites, but if you are thinking that the same company can provide your child highly effective academic tutor, then think again, most of such companies do not provide high quality tutors who can provide highest level of educational effectiviness, and in some cases their prices look deceivingly low and exactly exactly the same as for babysitters, however babysitter is different from a tutor. 

Babysitters have no where near academic skill level that your child truly needs especially at middle school or high school grade level, and in cases where they do have high level of educational experience, and great qualifications then there is simply no reason for such tutors to work at low tutoring hourly rate, yet many companies show their tutors and babysitters at the same hourly rate how does that make any sense?  The answer is it doesn't.  Besides many of the babysitting and tutoring sites you see, simply do not have local tutoring network of sites, resulting in prices of their tutors being extremely high.

Suggested TIP: Work with Tutoring Agency that specializes in Tutoring Match making if you are looking for a tutor not babysitting company especially when it comes to higher grade level tutoring.

If you see any of the sites that provide services for both babysitters and tutors always ask yourself the following question would the professional academic tutor come out to your home in Redding CT or Fairfield County to teach your son/daughter at the same hourly rate as the babysitter that you see on on babysitting/tutorign site?  Then 2nd question you should ask yourself, does the babysitting/tutoring company have affordable tutor based on your suggested hourly rate at middle school or high school or college level?   Does the babysitting/tutoring company provide any self guided material for your son or daughter in addition to tutoring or instead of tutoring if tutoring is too expensive for your son or daughter?  

       If you answered No to any of these questions then contact our company Tutoring Services, LLC from the phone number on the top right corner to help you get matched with the professional tutor who can come directly to your home in Redding CT, or Fairfield County Connecticut, someone who we can help you find by leveraging our local tutoring network of sites, based on your price budget (and if the budget is not enough we would let you know that it's not enough in this region).  Our company specializes in professional home tutoring match making services and specializes in academic tutoring as the primary focus of interest, and not focusing on babysitters market, we worked with variety of educational parents' needs use cases and can help Redding CT and Fairfield County Residents get matched with the righ academic tutor.

Don't let your child fall academically behind Call Us or contact any of our tutors listed on this site.

      If you need a tutor, and think your child's learning experience can be improved then work with reputable Tutoring Agency that can help you find the right tutor, agency that can get with you on the phone talk to you about your son's or daughter's educational needs and help you find the right subject matter expert.  There are numerous reasons why students fail in academics. This may include having difficulties grasping basic concepts of the subject or topic or having difficulties dealing with the teaching methods of their instructors.  As a concerned parent or guardian of Redding CT student, why wait for your child to fail when you can prevent such instances beforehand? Getting the right type of tutor  is the highly recommended solution to this problem.

          Tutoring Services for elementary, middle school, high school and college tutoring are only a few of the services offered by our tutors. Tutors in Redding are qualified and dedicated teachers who have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to make sure that you will improve your class performance or test results. Tutors also offer help for your assignments and other academics-related activities. They can provide you professional and tried-and-tested advice you can trust.