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Welcome to Tutoring Services, LLC!


We are dynamic team consisting of highly qualified tutors in Redding CT who are committed to help students who are academically challenged. It serves as an intervention to assist these students improve their school performance by enhancing school instruction, strengthening learning efficiency, and making them become self-reliant learners.

We aim for the students who are having difficulty in particular subjects, those who want gain an advanced knowledge ahead of his classmates,   and those who need assistance in preparing for the standardized exams such as Sat, GMAT, GRE, and Praxis II exams.

With the help of our competent tutors, we provide every student obtain their academic goals and succeed in their school endeavors. We believe that each student has hidden potential that needs to be stimulated so that he/she can learn, understand and apply his/her knowledge and skills gained to real life situations.

We also believe that each individual, especially those who want to pursue teaching career should be guided in gaining knowledge and the needed competency and become teachers handling the different specializations they have selected to master.



What we can do


As a team of Tutoring Services LLC in Redding CT, we dedicate our efforts in assisting learners who are having difficulties in coping with their educational goals and in whatever endeavors they choose to do.

Once academic needs of the tutees are identified, we will match them with the outstanding tutors who can respond to their needs and improve their school performance. Our tutors are carefully chosen and qualified to teach various subjects such as English, Math, Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and many more. They are fit to handle tutorial services in elementary, secondary and middle school, and even college levels with their different fields of concentration.

Students can select from online tutorial or home-based (individualized) tutorial services and whatever method they choose, they will receive the same quality of services.

Apart from tutorial services for academic subjects, the Team also provide tutorial and help for those who are preparing for standardized exams, as well as giving homework help as extended services.

Learning strategies will help students develop good study habits, enhance understanding of their subjects, and allow them to acknowledge their own capability to study and solve problems by themselves.

To ensure safe tutoring, tutors went through recordsā€™ and background check and as a reference of the parents and students.



Our Products


We have collected comprehensive learning materials and books as supplemental aids for learning process. We have study guides for GMAT, GRE, SAT and Praxis II exams and an effective Algebra Solver, also known as Algebrator, software developed to help students who are having difficulty in Algebra.

Tutoring Services, LLC in Redding CT continues to strive for excellence in providing mentoring services to the students who come to them for help in improving their performance in school and develop confidence in becoming self-reliant learners.

Contact us and let us discuss your academic goals and how we can best help you with the help of our dynamic tutors!


Again, welcome to Tutoring Services ā€“ an extended school where learning is fun and enjoyable!

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We are Connecticut based company with operating business sector in Tutoring industry, match making, online and home tutoring, advertisement, study guide publishing, teacher test prep services and school services, books selling and buying.

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