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There’s only one sector that is allowed to conduct background checks and that is the armed authorities. The process of inquiry and the maintenance of a list are vested on these authorities. What this means is that they have the authority to maintain databases and make the necessary checks. But here lies a common problem- you can expect that the services related to these checks will be slow due to the demands from many sectors like companies and agencies.

It has been debated for many years as to the need for unlimited access for these checks or should checking be allowed only if authorized by certain sectors. These lawmakers in the US Congress may spend years debating but in the end they were actually balancing between privacy and necessity. Or in a legal standpoint, the Congressional arguments dwell on one issue and that is which is more indispensable to the public needs, the adherence to police power or the right to privacy? The policy makers may have debated on the many pros and cons but in the end the government decided that it’s best to follow the constitution and allow the authorities to conduct checks within the bounds of the law.

So much for history, let me bring you to reality. Right now, these kinds of background checks and related services are available to all thanks to the policy set by the government. Moreover, in the advent of the internet generation founded on the legislative grant, background checks are now transcended via online making it even more accessible than ever.

This democratization of the service paved the way for the entry of a number of players. With different companies and sites offering these services, how do you sign up the right one? The answer is subscribing to the amenities and to the comfort of

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