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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


Tutoring Services LLC in Redding CT has designed an online tutoring program for the students and individuals who are in need of help to improve their performance in school and achieve their academic goals. These students can be those who are having difficulty in coping with one or more subjects, or those who want to advance in their knowledge, or individuals who are preparing for some mandated or standardized examinations such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, or Praxis II tests.


Our tutoring services help the learners from different academic levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12, up until high school and even college levels. Our tutors have adequate knowledge and competency in helping the students and other clients to produce self-reliant, confident, and responsible learners.


We offer two types of tutoring: online and home-based tutoring. Online tutoring offers many benefits to the learners who need the help of the tutors to improve their grades and performance in the school. This method is secured way for the tutors and the students/tutees that allows flexibility and interactive. Our qualified tutors also give homework help but gradually motivate them to learn doing their assignment and homework independently.


Online tutoring is a good choice for the students who loves using computer and we have the best resource of competent and friendly tutors using a comprehensive tutorial program formulated for the students/tutees who have different learning needs and goals.


We have a special method of matching the students/tutees with our competent tutors in Redding which are based from the educational needs and goals of the students/tutees. Our tutors are committed to be well-prepared before the tutorial sessions and they take time and effort in preparing for their educational materials before the sessions. The tutors believe in the capacity of the learners to learn, help them design better study skills and study habits, and motivate them to study and do their homework independently and confidently.


They will be guided gradually in developing better study habits and skills until they are capable to do and complete their homework and other tasks in school. With the help of our tutors, we educate, we motivate, and we empower the students/tutees to believe in their capacity to learn and perform well in school with confidence, self-sufficiency, and sense of responsibility.


If you want to employ the services of our qualified and friendly tutors in Redding, we will be very glad to hear from by contacting us through sending us email or by calling us and discuss the best method we can help the students identify their learning needs and goals.


Take time to tour our site and contact us and trust in our commitment to help develop responsible and confident learners for their successful life ahead!