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School Ratings

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School ratings are manifestations of the actual performance of the students against the curriculum and the strategies that can achieve the educational objectives set by the government. Higher ratings means that the school is effective in achieving its educational goals and objectives while lower ratings indicate that there are some areas of the school system that needs to be improved and enhanced. The rating scales are easy and simple to read and analyze but there are some people who do not know the significance of these results. This may lead to misunderstanding of the ratings obtained by the students and the schools.


The No Child Left Behind Acct of 2001 or NCLB refers to the role of the government to the students from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The program focuses on the kind of learning the students receive and how much the students have learned which are measured through standardized examinations.


The national Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP evaluates the knowledge and skills of the American students obtained from school instructions. NAEP is an educational project which is mandated by the national Center of Education Statistics of NCES. The NAEP results will give comprehensive information about the performance and achievement of the students in different subjects. It also serves as the Nation’s Report Card. NAEP evaluates mathematics, science, writing and reading. Other subjects such as geography, economics, history, civics, and arts are administered annually. The students, teachers, and the school work together in preparing the students for the examination.


What is the role of tutoring services to the standardized examinations and ratings in Redding CT?


Tutorial Services LLC developed a program based on the educational curriculum set by the state and the national government. Our competent and friendly tutors are willing to help the students/tutees in improving and enhancing the learning efficiency and reinforcing what they have learned from the school to get higher ratings. The schools with higher ratings from the national and state examinations will provide the parents and the community necessary information to which school they can entrust their children.


Entrust your children with us for quality tutorial services. You can select from online or home-based methods and whatever method you choose, your children will receive the same quality services. Our tutors will not only help your children perform well in school but they will also prepare them for the state and national examinations with confidence!


In behalf of our well-trained, competent and friendly tutors, we welcome you to Tutoring Services LLC where your children will enjoy learning!