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Teacher Certification

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Teaching is considered as a noble job and one of the most secured careers globally. Salaries and wages may differ from every state but teaching opportunities are stable even during these times of crises. There is a high demand for teaching opportunities but sad to say, there are few actual teachers to fill in the positions. Apart from regular teaching loads, tutorial jobs are in demand.

Teaching is a noble career that requires a lot of patience, hard work, and dedication to help young let learners in developing sufficient knowledge and skills for future success for whatever field these students will choose for themselves. Higher salaries and benefits are waiting for the teachers who are certified and licensed. Requirements to obtain teaching certifications are based on what has been mandated by the state and national government.

The National Board Certification or NBCT can help improve the student achievement as shown in the reports of the National Research Council or NRC. It claims that NBCT produces effective and more proficient teachers that improves and enhances the performance and achievement of the students. Teachers with this certification will mean better credential, better job opportunities, and better salaries. This can also be used as a credential to any state.

If you are interested to pursue teaching career with certification in Redding, you need to meet the requirements as mandated by the government to get the necessary license and certification. Some necessary requirements are completion of a bachelor’s degree or an education coursework, and taking and passing standardized tests such as Praxis II.

The Pre-Professional Skills Test or the PPST focuses on the basic skills tests to assess the proficiency of the potential teachers in reading and writing, and in mathematics. PPST is given to 40 states.

And for those who want to become teachers but do not have education degree can take the Alternative Certification program which was designed by the government to address to the shortage of teachers. Go and ask your state Department of Education regarding the requirements to get this certification.

And if you are a college student but has the skills and knowledge to become qualified tutor, obtaining a teacher certification may not be a requirement, but having one will be advantageous.

If you are a teacher or a student who want to have an extra income aside from regular teaching positions, you can join our team of qualified and competent tutors with an assurance of continuous stream of clients the whole year round. Contact us now and help us build a community of responsible, self-reliant, and confident young learners!